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The Pure & Simple Makeup Kit is one of our favorites

The Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, As working women, we frequently discuss multitasking makeup. We adore it when we can use our foundation.

The Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, As working women, we frequently discuss multitasking makeup.

We adore it when we can use our foundation as a concealer or our eye shadow as a highlighter—the possibilities are endless. 카지노사이트

So we were ecstatic when the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit was announced.

It’s the ideal beauty kit for women on the go, and it also makes a terrific present for friends who haven’t tried our products yet.

Concerning the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit

  • Before we continue gushing about the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit, here’s a list of everything in the palette.
  • Two (2) PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation colours, which vary depending on the set.
  • Oyster and Supernova PurePressed Eye Shadows are included.
  • One (1) PurePressed Blush hue, which varies depending on the set.
  • Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink or Forever Peach.

One (1) Sponge Tip Applicator and one (1) Foldable Brush

So, what is it about this kit that we adore? It’s simple—or, to put it another way, pure and simple—and we adore that since it’s all you need to create a whole makeup look.

Put this palette, along with a few of your favorite brushes and a Hydration Spray, in your purse and you’re set for anything.

You could take it on a hiking trip across the country, or if you’re like us, you’ll keep one in your weekender bag for excursions to see relatives.

Obtaining a Pure and Simple Appearance

There are numerous ways to get a natural makeup look with this kit, so we enlisted the help of our Global

Makeup Educators to demonstrate four alternative looks that are suitable for any age.

The great thing about the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit’s products is that they can all be used in different ways.

Mineral Foundation in Various Applications

PurePressed Base is a multitasking miracle worker on its own. It’s a semi-matte foundation with

Broad-spectrum SPF protection that also works as a concealer and setting powder.

Furthermore, it contains nutrients that provide skincare advantages, such as Pomegranate Extract

Which helps fight free radical generation and preserve your skin. We included two tones of Pure Pressed

Base in the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit. This is why:

It will adjust to your tan. You can use the lighter shade on your paler skin and the deeper shade on your tanned complexion.

You can create your foundation color by combining the two tones. 카지노 블로그

Finally, depending on whatever shade you use as foundation, the two hues can be used as a highlighter or contour color.

If you use the light shade for foundation, contour with the dark shade, then highlight with the light shade.

It’s Not Just Eye Shadow

We have grounds for including Oyster and Supernova Pure Pressed Eye Shadow as well.

The first point to mention is that both colors are generally flattering.

They also work nicely together for a delicate, yet defined eye makeup look, and they can easily be used in numerous ways.

Oyster, the sparkly pearl tint, can be used as a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid’s bow.

This eye shadow can be used anywhere you desire a little additional glow.

Supernova is a sparkly copper, eggplant tone that works well as a contour shade in an eye makeup application.

You can also use it as an eyeliner by dampening the sponge applicator (or an Angle Liner/Brow Brush).

Double the Blushes, Double the Laughter

Although the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit provides only one PurePressed Blush colour

The Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain allows you to double up on your cheek color. For good reason, this small lip product is a friend favorite.

It uses your skin’s pH to create a custom shade of peach (Forever Peach) or pink (Forever Pink) that lasts all day!

We use Pure Pressed Blush or Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain to lend subtle color to our cheeks

But here’s how we make our cheekbones stand out:

  • First, apply Forever Peach or Forever Pink to your cheek apples.
  • You can apply it directly from the tube or with a sponge applicator. Blend it into the skin with your finger.
  • Then, to deepen the color, apply a coat of Pure Pressed Blush from your kit.
  • Finally, apply Oyster Pure Pressed Eye Shadow to your cheek bones.
  • Pure. Simple. You. 온라인카지노

Do you own the Pure & Simple Makeup Kit? Comment below and share a photo of your Pure & Simple

Makeup look with us on Instagram with the hashtag #BeautyWithBrilliance. Have fun multitasking!

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